Scottish Blooms at Hamilton Hill

by Starfish Developments | 26 Nov 2019

Scottish Blooms at Hamilton Hill

Spring has brought to life a dramatic and innovative planting scheme at Hamilton Hill, the new master-planned community in Woodforde in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

The landscape along the eastern side of Glen Stuart Road and up into the development has blossomed into the purple and green hues of the Glen Stuart tartan.

The innovative display was devised by Starfish Developments in celebration of the Scottish-settled heritage of the local area.

Starfish managing director Damon Nagel said, “The name Hamilton Hill and its streets are named after Scottish clans. The landscaping through the development reflects the colours of each clan tartan, with trees, flowers and leaf colour specially selected to achieve that effect.”

The entrance to Hamilton Hill on Glen Stuart Road is the first section to showcase the visual approach, followed by red, green and blue colours along Grant Street. The scheme will gradually run through the whole development, creating a bright and welcoming environment and strong sense of identity.

Horticultural partner Carl Heyne of Heyne’s Wholesale Nursery, said the trees and plants were also chosen to thrive in South Australia’s unique climate.

“We cultivate and grow the seedlings at our specialist nursery before bringing them to Hamilton Hill. In addition to matching the tartan colours, they suit the local climate and attract birds, bees and butterflies.”

The green environment at Hamilton Hill includes a six-hectare park reserve with many old established trees which Starfish retained to add character and protect nesting birds and wildlife. The open reserve links to Morialta Conservation Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty.